Cardio 411

Getting in shape and losing weight is made much easier with the integration of cardio exercises into your routine. Cardio workouts help with weight loss and maintenance by burning calories. Different muscle groups are also strengthened by cardio exercises; such as, running and leg muscles or swimming and upper body muscles. At the Workout Center, we offer various pieces of cardio equipment, and also personal training that can train you on new techniques and exercises for cardiovascular workouts.

What is cardio? Cardio exercise elevates your heart rate for a sustained period. Aerobic activities range from low-intensity -- such as walking -- to high-intensity -- such as swimming or running. You can also run on a treadmill, use a stair master, or develop high intensity interval training with weights and body-weight exercises that get your heart rate up. Most cardio workouts fall somewhere in the middle.

Whatever cardio exercise or routine you would like to use or learn, The Workout Center is the best place in Waseca, MN to do it! Our safe, clean, 24-hour gym is the perfect environment to improve and maintain your health.